45th President

45th's First Lady #1 (Melania Trump)

Making Money for His Daddy (Eric Trump)


Mother (45’s Second Lady #1 - Karen Pence)

Chameleon (45’s Secretary of State #2 Michael Pompeo)

Financial Industry Insider (45’s Secretary of Treasury #1 Steven Mnuchin)

A Bar to Justice (45’s Attorney General #2 William Barr)

Yet Another Climate Denier

45’s Secretary of Agriculture #1 – Sonny Perdue 10 X 8"

45th's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development #1 (Ben Carson)

Dedicated Public Servant & Immigrant (45’s Secretary of Transportation #1 - Elaine L. Chao)

45th's Secretary of Energy #1 (Rick Perry)

45th Secretary of Education #1(Besty DeVos)

Torturer in Chief (45’s Director of the Central Intelligence Agency #2 - Gina Haspel)"

Role-model for Women’s Empowerment? (45’s Advisor and First Daughter Ivanka Trump)

Slumlord Millionaire (45’s Senior Advisor and Son-in-Law #1 – Jared Kushner)

45’s Right-Hand Troll (Senior White House Advisor for Policy and Spokesman – Stephen Miller)

Sally Yates - Acting Attorney General for 45 (Fired)

Driven Away (Travis Kalanick)

In it For the Money (45's Chief Digital Advisor #1 Garrit Lansing)

45th NSA #1 (Michael Flynn)

Button Your Lip (National Security Council’s Sr. Director for Western Hemisphere #1 Craig Deane)

45's Significant Departure #6-Walsh

Unintentionally Misstated Factualities (45's Deputy National Security Advisor #1 KT McFarland)

Just Fire him (James Comey - 45's FBI Director #1 - Fired)

Speak up, Move Out (Mike Dubke, 45's Communications Director #2 - Resigned)

He accomplished all he could (Walter Schaub, 45’s Director of US Office of Government Ethics #1, - Resigned)

Lying for a liar (Sean Spicer - 45's Press Secretary #1 - Resigned)

Chiefly Unstaffed (Reince Preibus 45’s Chief of Staff # 1 - Resigned)

45th's Chief Strategist #1 (Steve Bannon)

Flying without a Healthcare Safety Net (Tom Price, 45's Health and Human Services Secretary #1 - Resigned)

45th’s EPA Admin. #1 (Scott Pruitt)

Ushered Out (Angella Reid - 45’s Chief Usher #1)

Fiery Financier (45’s Communications Director #3 - Anthony Scaramucci)

Culture Clash (Omarosa Manigault Newman - Public Liaison Communications Director - Fired or Resigned)

45th’s Ambassador to the UN #1 (Nimrata “Nikki” Haley)

War Hawk (45’s National Security Advisor #3 - John Bolton)

Making Up the Truth (45’s Director of the OMB #1 - Mick Mulvany)

Counselor to 45 #1 (Kellyanne Conway)

Mama Grizzly doesn't believe in Climate Change (Sarah Palin - Considered for 45's cabinet - not nominated)

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Yet Another Climate Denier

45’s Secretary of Agriculture #1 – Sonny Perdue 10 X 8"