45th President
On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected 45th president of the United States of America. He won the electoral college votes but not the popular vote. He has no political or military experience.

Unemployment was at an all-time low. The economy was strong until Coronavirus. Unfortunately, 45 believes that economic growth is more important than protecting the environment. He is a long-time climate change skeptic.

His approval rating hovers around 40 percent.
45th's First Lady #1 (Melania Trump)
Making Money for His Daddy (Eric Trump)
Mother (45’s Second Lady #1 - Karen Pence)
Chameleon (45’s Secretary of State #2 Michael Pompeo)
Financial Industry Insider (45’s Secretary of Treasury #1 Steven Mnuchin)
A Bar to Justice (45’s Attorney General #2 William Barr)
Yet Another Climate Denier
45’s Secretary of Agriculture #1 – Sonny Perdue

10 X 8"
45th's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development #1 (Ben Carson)
Dedicated Public Servant & Immigrant (45’s Secretary of Transportation #1 - Elaine L. Chao)
45th's Secretary of Energy #1 (Rick Perry)
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Making Money for His Daddy (Eric Trump)