How Does Art Relate to Rebirth & Renewal?

Puddingwife Juvenile.jpg

This work represents new births and renewal through the reuse of materials, It is made of all found or recycled objects with a wood base, feathers, ribbon, food wrappers, beads, buttons, tape measure, silk flowers, and dense Styrofoam. Reefs in many parts of the world are in danger. Fortunately, some places have established marine parks where the fish and reefs are protected. By using recycled materials in my work, I am not only creating treasures out of trash but doing my part to keep debris out of the landfills and our oceans.

"I am writing you today to announce that we have awarded you an Honorable Mention for your painting entitled Puddingwife - Juvenile. Needless to say, it was a tough call. The Jury was unanimously capti­vated by your wonderfully colorful and tactile vision of Marine Life. On a personal note, having had a close look at website, viewing your oeuvre has enhanced my overall appreciation of the pieces you sent our way. What can I say? I love the Marine Life series! I love that these pieces convey actual fish to be found in the sea that you have personally seen and properly identi­fied. I love that you use recycled material to create these models. The fish are exciting, fun, wonderfully expressive and educational. My four year old loves them as much as I do!" -- Jonathan Raddatz, Editor in Chief, Art Critic & Juror, Exhibeo Art Magazine