I can't stop!!!!

I can't stop collecting art supplies. Beautiful trash is everywhere. I think to myself that I'll let that gum wrapper or granola bag go into the garbage and then I set aside for some unknown work of art.

Today, in order to manage all my lovely supplies, I picked up two used metal shelving units and one set of plastic drawers -- all free! The shelving units I got through Freecycle.org. The drawers were on someone's front lawn with a FREE sign leaning against the unit. Two sets of floor lamps where on the front lawn also but I left those for someone else.

The shelving units in particular opened up my studio space because I can store more of my precious stuff vertically.

BTW, if you don't know about Freecycle.org, check it out. It's an international crowd sourcing organization where people list useful items they don't need and other people list items they want. The objective is to keep stuff out of the landfills. These shelves and set of drawers is what I kept out of the landfill today.