10 weeks in paradise. How do I get my artwork home?

After 9 1/2 weeks away from home, it's time to leave. While away, I made five assemblage portraits -- found items glues to heavy paper, then coated with thinned PVA glue. How do I get these pieces home?

I have so many questions:

  • If I put them in a sealed package, will TSA want to open the package?

  • Should I carry them one or put them in my checked luggage?

  • How do I keep them from being smashed?

  • Should I pack them in their own box and pay the extra luggage fee (which would be much less expensive then using a shipping service.)

So far, this is my plan:

  • I picked up a box from the grocery store that is the exact width and length of the larger portraits.

  • I have parchment paper that is the same width as the portraits.

  • I'm thinking of making a portfolio that is taped shut but that can be opened and re-closed.

  • I'm thinking of lining the box with a plastic tablecloth and sealing it around the art in case it's raining in Atlanta or at home.

  • I'm thinking of putting clothing between the pieces for more protection.

  • I plan to write on the box "Artwork: Fragile."

I'll let you know how it goes.