FINALLY -- a Gray Chub is Added to the Mix

This may have been my most challenging piece to date -- the Gray Chub. It's made of beads, ribbon, and twine sewn onto a furnace filter. Sewing this piece took quite a while. Figuring out how to mount it was a greater challenge. When I found that it fit well into the vintage picture frame, I was happy. BTW, the a charcoal drawing of my grandmother Kate had lived in that frame until I provided the drawing something more contemporary. The final hurdle was to get it photographed. Between the plexiglas and the bead, it's a shiny guy so the lights caused a lot of reflection. Fortunately, today is overcast. I took the picture and the camera outside. With a polarized lens and a big piece of stiff black paper on the camera, I was able to get a photograph with only minimal reflection. I hope you like it.