Did My Art Make it Home?

A month ago I wrote about how I was going to get the five portraits I made in Bonaire back to the United States.

The picture nearby is of the box of art. It was taken curbside as I wanted for my ride in Hartford, CT. It looks just like it did when I left Bonaire.

The trip home for both me and my artwork was totally uneventful. Because I got to board with zone 1, the overhead bins had plenty of space for my bag.

I went through security twice -- once in Bonaire and once in Atlanta, GA. The bag and box sailed right through. No one asked me to open it. Good thing I didn't glue any knives to the portraits.

The best was went we were in Atlanta waiting for our check luggage. A boy of about 10 say my Van Den Tweel bag and exclaimed "We have a bag just like that!" I believe he was excited to see the bag because it reminded him of what a wonderful time he had I Bonaire. I had a wonderful time, too, and am looking forward to returning soon.