Abstract Nature

Two of my more unusual assemblages in the Aquatic Life Series are being included Abstract Nature at Spectrum Gallery and Store of Centerbrook, Connecticut. This exhibition runs July 21 through September 10. The opening reception is on July 21 (6:30-9pm) at 61 Main Street, Centerbrook, CT.

Barbara Nair, Spectrum Gallery Director writes “I have watched so many people only glance at nonrepresentational pieces in the gallery. So this show hopes to encourage each of us to have more of a viewing adventure by looking closely at each piece to discern the natural phenomena that inspired the artist. Whether we discern correctly is not the point but careful looking can be very creative inspiring our imaginations to enter each piece in our own way.

This is the first time that my work is being shown at Spectrum. Barbara Nair describes my work as follows: Mixed media artist Sarah Schneiderman . . . uses found and recycled objects and everyday debris to express concern for the oceans and nature’s waterways.

Please come to the opening or stop by the gallery at another time to see my work and those of other artists.

Spectrum Gallery and Store is open Wednesday through Saturday (12-6pm) and Sunday (12-5pm). The Gallery is an expansion of the non-profit arts organization Arts Center Killingworth which offers classes, workshops, camps and whose mission is to provide opportunities for emerging and established artists to develop, display and sell their work. For more information call Spectrum Gallery (860) 767-0742 and visit spectrumartgallery.org. To learn more about the Arts Center Killingworth call (860) 663-5593 and visit artscenterkillingworth.org.