Arts Center East is my Happy Place

This summer, my work has been included in three shows at Arts Center East in Vernon, CT: the Sixth Annual Multimedia Exhibit, People and Places, and CWA 87th Annual National Show. At all three shows, my work was honored with an award: Merit Award, Honorable Mention, and Third Award respectively. The award won at the CWA 87th Annual National Show, was the most exciting, not just because it was the largest check. The piece that was honored is my collage 45th's Chief Strategist #1 (Steve Bannon). Many people who attended the reception talked with me about this piece. One person asked about my use of materials (recycled and found objects.) Knowing my audience, I said "It's trash." He said "Subtle." Yes, that's what I'm going for: subtlety. The meaning of these portraits are what you make of them: for some, it's the converting something that would normally be thrown away into a thing of beauty, for others, it's about the materials themselves. Open close inspection, the viewer see one thing (or can't see anything meaningful at all), and then when the viewer steps back, the image (or truth) reveals itself.