When an invitation is not an invitation

If a gallery owner, curator, juror, or director viewed an artist's work from jPEG images only they have the right to reject the physical artwork once they receive it. This is often stated in calls using such language as the following from kspace CONTEMPORARY: Selected Works: KSC reserves the right to reject works not represented accurately in the juried image, and works that arrive damaged, late, are poorly constructed or poorly presented (dirty mats, warped canvases, etc.).

Two of my works were accepted by a gallery director using the jPEGs I submitted. A friend who was delivering art to the same show delivered my work as well. Later that day, I received an email from the gallery director stating "Unfortunately, the pieces do not resemble the finished pieces I saw in the jpgs. They don’t even resemble the work you brought in several shows ago." I was shocked by this email. I thought she might have me confused with someone else. I forwarded my original application and your invitation to the director. She responded "Yes they are included but the pieces do not resemble the finished look of the jpgs."

Now that I'm writing this blog post, I'm wondering if she thought the actual pieces were going to be rectangular. The pieces I had in the earlier show are both rectangular. The ones I expected to have in this show were not -- they are fish shaped.

I'm making lemonade out of lemons. My friend is picking the works up when she attends the opening. I know these are quality pieces of work so I'm asking my friend to hold onto them. I plan to apply to another local show and will be out of town on the delivery date. If any of these works are accepted in this other show, my friend has agreed to deliver them for me.

Just a note: I'm not the only one who experiences this. I've heard two storied just today. In one case with the same, the work was accepted and then the artists was told the work wouldn't be in the show and to come pick it up. Another artist with a different gallery sent the work that was accepted and was told they wouldn't include the work because they didn't like the frame.

Here are two of my pieces: one that was included in the earlier show and one that is not being included in this upcoming show.

Green Spinyhead Blenny