How to make art in a new location

This is not a sob story. I have no reason to sob; I’m in paradise.

My spouse and I bought a one bedroom apartment on the island of Bonaire (not from art income.) This is a new location for us. Always before we stayed in a apartment with a 6 foot long table and lots of space. This apartment is smaller and the one table is about the size of a card table. (Small).

I’m trying to figure out how to make art in this new environment. We want to buy a bigger table but are delaying this purchase because all our money went into buying the apartment. (Well, not all, but a good chunk.)

This leads me to try to figure out how to make the space and the table I have work. Like I said, it’s hardly a sob story, just what I’m working out right now. The pictures below are of a piece of board I’m painting in my front hall, my work desk on the porch, and a view from said porch. Don’t cry for me, please.