Hundreds of Scraps of Paper

My beloved started doing Zentangles several months ago. Rather than spending buckets of money on the precise paper, she bought pads of watercolor paper and cuts them down. As a result, we have stacks of small pieces of watercolor paper sizes from about 2 X 2" to 2.5" to 6". I could recycle all these pieces of paper but what a waste!

What to do?

I also have thousands of photographs I've taken of fish while scuba diving. No way I can make assemblages using those photos as models.

What to do?

This: Small pencil drawings of my fish photos, embellished with donated beads, glued onto scrap construction paper, then attached to blank cards that I have leftover from when I worked and wrote thank you notes.

Here's a bunch of them. I'll be showing them at Westville Open Studios, New Haven, this weekend. I hope they are well received.