Best made plan

I'm in a warm climate for the winter and set a goal for myself to complete a portrait every 10 days. That would result in 12 new portraits. When I arrive at my winter location, I bought eight sheets of paper. I decided to not by 12. I don't know why.

So far my best laid plans are not being realized. I started a portrait of Jim Comey shortly after I arrived -- maybe January 3 or 4. The portrait is being made on a board that had a Mary Engelbreit poster that I found by the communal trash cans. It's difficult to see how much I've completed because of the underlying print.

What strikes me is that this piece looks like a face even though I've only gotten to the eyelids. It's an eyeless face. Still it has kind of a nose, lips, and chin. It has a bit of a shape of a right ear. it has a thick neck and is looking slightly over the left shoulder.

The yellow line on the image below shows where I've collaged already.

Now looking at it, I can see that I might be as much as half done. That means I might finish this portrait in another 19 or 20 days for a total of 38 days. So much for my getting 12 portraits completed. Maybe only three instead?