Need for Beauty while Addressing Plastic Pollution, Coronavirus, and AIDS

March 13, 2020, my heart broke as it became clear that the novel coronavirus was becoming a global pandemic. My heart had broken 35 years earlier when my friends started dying of AIDS. Currently, Much medical research focusing on coronavirus. Yet, between 500,000− 970,000 people worldwide died of AIDS in 2019. 

AIDS Connecticut has an annual fundraiser, Art for AIDS, in the summer. Last year and this, I was invited to create three 12 x 12 inch canvases, which I donated to the Art for AIDS art grab. This year, I focused on primary colors and objects of beauty. The globe is experiencing so much pain and distress, I thought that our collective souls could benefit from something soothing. 

The problem of plastic pollution persists while we focus on coronavirus. Try as I might, I still generate a lot of non-recyclable, non-compostable, waste. There were the three pieces I made for Art for AIDS in red, yellow, and blue. I still had this pile of yellow trash. What was I going to do with it? My Facebook friends helped me to choose the subject matter when I asked them to name something yellow. Being spring, my friends mentioned daffodils, forsythia, dandelions, and tulips. When I used up most of my yellow trash, I moved on to red. There in my supply box were potato chip bags and red plastic plates. Again, I reached out to my Facebook friends. It was June. Strawberries, many of them suggested. Flowers – roses, bee balm, sweet Williams – came to their minds. 

Maybe I’ll create predominantly orange images next. Then on to the rest of the Rainbow. Finally, I can work with brown, black, grey, silver, white, beige, pink, and gold.

We need beauty while continuing to live with this virus, as we face the pandemic of racism, and plastic pollution is affecting all the oceans on earth.

Follow this link to my online store for information about how you can have a little bit of beauty while helping the planet heal. I will donate ten percent of sales to Project Aware.

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