TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY (September 27 and 28)

Global Conversation 2020, a global humanity-focused art exhibition raising global awareness of the most pressing issues confronting humanity, is online at

Three of my artworks from "More Garbage than Fish" are included in this exhibit.

Take some time to view this exhibition. It's set up like as if it is in a museum, except that you're fingers walk through the halls and turn to view the artwork. I've attached some screen shots so you might enter and experience the exhibition more easily.

To view exhibit:

1. Click here

2. Wait for the percentage number to read 100. Then exhibition will become accessible. You might need to scroll down a little to see the percentage number.

3. Click on the black bar that says "Enter Exhibition."

4. Read the "How to?" carefully. Knowing how to navigate will really help you get around the exhibit.

5. Start of the exhibition.

6. If you go left from the exhibition entrance, then turn right near the end of the hall, then turn right again and turn around, you'll see my work. Please know that the piece on the left is actually fish shaped but this is what the organizers could do to "show" the work.

7. If you zoom in and click on the image, more information will appear.