What? You said you weren't going to write any more blogs

I changed my mind. I want to stay focused on waste reduction and was thinking of pneumonics for each month. For November, I chose "Buy Nothing New" and failed miserably. Maybe I didn't fail miserably, but I bought new stuff.

For December, I'm choosing "Donation December" and "Just don't buy it December." What this means is that instead of physical gifts for the family, my wife and I are making one large donation to a local agency that helps the homeless. That's the donation part. For the second manta, if I have something around the house that I can use, use it even if it's different than my normal "go-to." Of course, I'm still purchasing consumables like food, petrol, heating fuel, and electricity.

To support my waste reduction efforts this month, I'm making produce bags out of old gazebo netting. Not to worry; I washed the netting already.