When galleries are closed, the art comes to you

I had the privilege of having a piece included in the Women's Caucus for Art Of Georgia's exhibit One Earth/One Chance. It was housed at Georgia State Univesity - Perimeter Campus. The show was scheduled for March 3 - March 30. Well, it's still hanging in the Fine Arts Building but you can't go see it in person because, like so many schools, GSU has shuttered its doors.

Fortunately, Rick Stone made a video. Here's the link:


The work is shown in alphabetical order by the first name of the artist. Please enjoy the show while you wait to get to my piece. For a personally paced viewing, click here. These images are ordered by the artist's last name. With my initials being SS, my work will still be toward the end of the show. If you click on an image, not only will you see the artwork in a larger format, but you'll see the artist's statement and, maybe, a few pieces not included in the show.

Just for your entertainment, I'm including a little gallery of some of my portraits of climate deniers - Donald J. Trump, Scott Pruitt, Sarah Palin, and Rick Perry.