Spotfin Butterflyfin in a Less Than Spotless Ocean
7.5 X 11.5" | Fabric, beads, buttons, straws, auto renewal tag, plastic, square glitter, foam letters, light foam, pen sheath, candy wrapper, and more on board
Fairy Basslet Fairly Well Hidden By Trash
12 X 16" | Fabric, food wrappers, beads, buttons, marine park tag, shell, pottery, feather, and other stuff on canvas
Blackbar Soldierfish
Title: Soldering On Through an Ocean of Trash (Blackbar Solderfish)
12 X 16" | Food and Product Wrappers, Toys, Glue Tube, Plastic Trash, and Other Found and Recycled Materials and Trash
Queen Parrotfish on Yellow Plastic
10 X 12" | Food and Tea Wrappers, Buttons, Ribbon, Toys, and Plastic on Campaign Lawn Sign
Three Little Trumpetfish
Title: Three Little Trumpetfish Amongst Garbage

13 X 13" | Food and Product Wrappers, Blister Pack, Aluminum Foil, Amenity Bag, Rubber Washer, and Other Recycled and Found Objects and Trash
You are my Sunshinefish
8.5 X 12" |
Bicolor Damselfish in a Green Garbag
12 X 15.5 | Ribbon, Fabric, Plastic Product Wrappers, Beads, "Silk" Flowers, Tacky Glue, and Thinned PVA Glue on Plastic Campaign Lawn Sign
Anemone Clownfish
Green Spinyhead Blenny
12 x 12" | Cord, Granola Bag, Faux Leaves, Fishing Lure, Plastic Tube, Button, Beads, Plant Tag, Sponge, Mini Pom Poms, Tea Bag Envelope, Checkbook Cover, Drinking Straw, Glass, Credit Card, Enameled Charms, “Silk” Flowers, Feathers, Faux Fur, Film Negatives, Rose Petals, Planting Mix Bag, Buckwheat Groats, Award Ribbon, “Silk” Flower Stems, Mod Podge, and Diamond Glaze | Price Available On Request
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