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Aquatic Life Series

This series a result of my love for scuba diving and my deep concern about the environment, especially how much trash and pollutants we generate.Coral reefs are dying and water temperatures are rising.


These pieces reveal the beauty and sometimes the terror of sea life. Underlying the beauty, I address the overabundance of trash, especially in our oceans, by using found and recycled objects as my medium. This includes the debris of daily life and things people have given me such as bead and button collections, lampshades, and piano parts.

Up to Five Years in Prison (Anti-abortion Law — Kentucky)
Abortion Access: A Right or Wrong

On June 24, 2022, after 49 years of abortions being legal throughout the United States, our supreme court made it possible for states to implement strict abortion bans. Unfortunately, many people who become pregnant and are not in a position to carry to term cannot receive an abortion in their home states, from Georgia to Idaho. In response to these bans, I am creating maps of states with total or near total abortion bans. These maps contain quotes or statements about the state or an individual's stance on the subject matter. I used non-recyclable trash for the lettering and medical debris for the other embellishments.

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