Aquatic Life Series

This series a result of my love for scuba diving and my deep concern about the environment, especially how much trash and pollutants we generate.Coral reefs are dying and water temperatures are rising.


These pieces reveal the beauty and sometimes the terror of sea life. Underlying the beauty, I address the overabundance of trash, especially in our oceans, by using found and recycled objects as my medium. This includes the debris of daily life and things people have given me such as bead and button collections, lampshades, and piano parts.

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff Front under 5 mg.png
Breaking Political Barriers 2020/2021

These portraits are of women, people of color, lesbians, gay men, and trans people. Many formerly underrepresented people who are often considered disposable in our society have made great strides in politics and state and federal government in 2020 and 2021. My formal portraits are as accessible as if seen on the person's official website page or in the news. On closer examination, the viewer sees that garbage, fitted together in whatever way possible using adhesives and thread, is the artwork's medium.


These particular portraits represent political firsts – the first woman, the first gay person, the first transgender woman, the first African-American. After four years of the darkness of the T**** administration, we are now witnessing a growth in political diversity at the local, state, and federal levels. These people show tenacity—a willingness to keep striving to show up despite discrimination and recriminations.