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What they are saying...

Whether you loved him or hated him, former US President Donald Trump was everywhere for four bizarre years in politics. While some residents of the United States are calling for him to return to Presidential office, others are still trying to rebuild from his complicated and sometimes bizarre decisions. Artist and author Sarah Schneiderman uses art to make her displeasure with the previous politician known in the new book You're Fired! I Quit!: A Visual Commentary on the 45th President of the United States of America.


Sarah Schneiderman uses trash, torn paper, and bits of plastic to create multipoint recreations of portraits of some of the people that Donald Trump either promoted to positions they were not qualified for, or turned his back on, during his presidency. People such as Ben Carson, Betsy Devos, Hope Hicks, Sean Spicer, Kelly Ann Conway and Rick Perry decorate the pages in portraits made of discarded objects. For some of Schneiderman's art, she includes a detailed closeup of the items used to create the look, and then presents the larger final portrait showing how they are included in the final picture in the book. Each entry includes a description of the person in question, as well as their place within Donald Trump's controversial presidency. Often, it included information about their untimely termination or rage quitting. 


The very back of the book includes a list of the individual portraits and all the types of materials that were used to make them. I found this portion particularly fascinating because you can see items like sequins, diving boot tags, and food wrappers were skillfully integrated to make a statement. 


This book is a perfect gift perfect for your more left-leaning friends in the United States, perplexed friends in other countries, or to ensure that you never get invited to a conservative home again.


 Victoria Irwin, Editor in Chief of FangirlNation.com

I found Sarah Schneiderman’s commentary stunning in its poignancy even with my knowledge of her political art and ideology. With the passing of 45 out of the White House, Schneiderman’s work seems even more relevant as a reflection of what we need to work hard to avoid in the future. Lest we forget the garbage, she has immortalized it, appropriately.


Stephen Hard, Chair of the New Britain Commission on the Arts

You're Fired! I Quit! by Sarah Schneiderman is a book to be experienced, not read!  My response to the artwork was guttural.  The artwork looked like pieces of garbage up close. It wasn’t until I walked away from the computer, viewing the portraits from about 6 feet away, that I could distinguish the features and see who the portraits were depicting.  How appropriate that these people who enabled the president were made of garbage.  The artwork is followed by summaries of the subjects of the portraits, revealing the extent of dishonesty and corruption of the previous administration.  Of course, the fact that most of them quit, or were fired for doing the right thing, restores my faith in humanity. No human is garbage, but sometimes they behave really badly. In this case, the essence of our democracy was challenged by this dangerous man and his enablers, and he wants to return to office!  This book should be a call to action!

Carol Vinik, Co-Chair of Connecticut Womens Artists, Inc. Council

I believe we have messed up the planet and this is [book is] one very small way to show people how to use the detritus of our wasteful modern life. 


What especially fascinates me is the brief vignettes of all the people that 45 wasted. The layout of the book with the art sometimes before and sometimes after the story makes it interesting.

Michael Okrent, City Leader of Hillcrest Democratic Club/Party and Board Member of Tr-community CERT Affiliate of Cuyahoga County Emergency Services